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Nov 2, 2021

Our monthly Security episode covers the "Evil Maid" attack on encrypted laptops.  Silicon Labs Security System Engineer Aurash Kamalipour explains the details of a hack made public due to recent events.  How should customers design their systems to avoid hackers accessing encrypted data?  Don't take partial measures......

Oct 12, 2021

Ask yourself "What is Silicon Labs' Custom Part Manufacturing Service?".  This podcast episode provides you answers.  Hear from Brent Wilson, our esteemed Security Application Engineer , and Mike Dow, the IoT Security Product Manager.

  • What benefit does CPMS provide customers?
  • Why will "Zero Trust" mandate attestation...

Sep 28, 2021

What information can be intercepted from a home's Smart Meter?  How can security risks like these be avoided?  Josh Norem joins our monthly episode dedicated to helping you better understand current news stories that involve Security.  Here are some of the questions Josh helps answer:

  • Why transmit unencrypted...