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May 25, 2021

Find out what significant improvements Silicon Labs has made to streamline software and hardware development. Michael Norman,  joins the Kyle and the podcast to discuss: new users, getting started, drag/drop software components, and easier project migration.
If you thought you knew Simplicity Studio... you don't,...

May 18, 2021

Hot off the press and into the podcast.
Learn details on WHAT Matter provides IoT product design Engineers. 

How does Matter interact with your existing wireless networks? (Zigbee, Thread, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave)

How will developers integrate, test and certify a matter device?

What is ZAP and how will this...

May 11, 2021

Developers everywhere are talking about Open Source software, but with over 80 different licences, some that even require all users to make their own IP be made available, we ask, "Is it really the future of software development?"

In this podcast Kyle Dando chats with Bob Power, VP responsible for software development...

May 4, 2021

This Silicon Labs Podcast episode dives into more details on Security for the IoT.
Brent Wilson, also known as the Oracle of IoT Security, joins Kyle to help provide answers to these typical questions:
What is the #1 security threat for device manufacturers? Which features of Secure Vault do customers ask about the...